Well done Mike!

Last night saw the coming together of all those responders who assisted with saving the life of John O’Brien who was badly injured in a motorcycle crash.

Volunteer NWPCCC responder Mike Hughes who was on his very first responding day for the team answered the call from the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) and immediately made his way to the scene. Arriving first, Mike started treating John until further assistance arrived.

Mike was joined by Mark Forrest, Cheshire Fire & Rescue’s Medical Officer as well as a HEMS team from the North West Air Ambulance and NWAS land crews.

Unfortunately John was in a critical condition, eventually going into Traumatic Cardiac Arrest. The swift decision was made to perform surgery at the roadside and Mike, who is no stranger to wielding a scalpel given his day job as an Orthopedic Surgeon was a fundamental member of that team.

Thanks to the quick work by the multidisciplinary team, John’s heart was restarted and he was taken to hospital for further treatment and to begin his recovery.

Thankfully John has made an amazing recovery and we wish him all the very best for his future.

We would like to say congratulations to Mark Forrest who received a Chief Fire Officers Commendation for his actions on that incident.

A link to the article from the BBC can be found here – BBC.co.uk