We’ve launched a lottery!


In order to keep the team operational, we have launched a lottery to bring in vital funds!

The cost of keeping the team ready to respond costs us several thousand pounds a year. That doesn’t include wear and tear on vehicles and equipment, or the cost of getting new members kitted and trained to be able to respond.

Since COVID-19, funding has become scarse. We rely on public donations, charitable grants and corporate support to keep responding to those critically ill or injured patients.

The team have taken the decision to start a lottery!

By starting a lottery, this will hopefully keep a steady stream of donations coming into the team. The lottery costs just £1 a week and the team get 50% of that donation. The benefit to our donors is that you have a chance of winning £25,000 or smaller prizes.

Are you interested in signing up? Please visit our dedicated Lottery page to find out more.

Could you assist by placing posters or flyers in your place of work advertising the team and our lottery? Please contact us and we will arrange the delivery of some posters.