New Response Bags

Pax Bags

The team are extremely grateful to the Albert Hunt Trust who have supported the purchase of response bags for our Rapid Response Vehicle.

The new bags are reflective and durable and can be wiped down, making it easier to control infections and keep our patients safe. The team worked closely with Pax UK who ensured we had the right bags for our needs.

The Albert Hunt Trust made the very generous donation of £3000 towards our new bags.

Doctor Graeme Spencer, Chair of the group said “Trying to seek funding to ensure we can operate to the very best of our abilities during a global pandemic has been a real challenge for small charities like ourselves. We cannot thank the Albert Hunt Trust enough for supporting our cause. The new bags conform to the required Infection, Prevention and Control measures ensuring our responders and patients stay safe.”

To find out more about the Albert Hunt Trust, please click on the image above.