Introducing our new name

The team are pleased to inform you all that our charity has changed its name from the Cheshire & Shropshire Immediate Care Group and we are now called the North West Pre-hospital Critical Care Charity.

We are excited to be expanding into the areas of Merseyside, Manchester and Lancashire as well as responding in our existing area of Cheshire. Unfortunately, we have also made the difficult decision to stop our work in the Shropshire area.

The expansion comes at the request of the North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust. The south of their patch was supported by our work. The north of their patch is supported by the amazing work of our sister organisation, the BEEP Doctors.

There was no BASICS scheme in the Merseyside, Manchester or Lancashire area. A discussion was had at a BASICS North West meeting and it was suggested that it would be easier to expand an existing team than support and create a new one. The CSIBASICS membership was consulted and it was voted on to expand our team. This expansion was supported by the Trustees of the team.

Over the course of the next few months, a new more appropriate name and logo was created. We changed the name with the Charity Commission and then we launched.




The expansion has allowed us to start recruiting more volunteer responders and will allow us to access more funding and business investment in the team.

We would love to hear from any individuals or organisations who may be interested in supporting our team. Do you have a background in marketing or grant applications? Is your business looking for a charity as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy? If the answer is yes, and you would like to find out more, then please get in touch.

Our team simply couldn’t continue without your help. Despite the pressures from the COVID pandemic, we have continued to expand our services. This is thanks to the generosity of our supporters, businesses, grant-makers and those who play our lottery. Thank you all!

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