Are you a Nurse and interested in joining?

The team has a number of Nurses within the charity who support our day to day charitable activities.

At present, we are unable to have Nurses responding within the team. Paramedic responding is still in it's infancy and will take time to embed.

We are working with NWAS to explore a system where we can develop the next generation of responders which will include Nurses. This will ensure those responders are appropriately trainied and experienced to cope with the increased demand of providing critical care services.

If you are keen to look at responding in the future, then our suggestion would be to consider studying and sitting the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care by the Faculty of Prehospital Care.

This page will continue to be kept up to date with the latest developments in the Nurse responding pathway.

All current recruitment for medical responders is on hold due to a number of developments within the team. Please follow us on social media to be kept up to date with any developments.

Fundraising Ideas?

Do you have a fundraising idea? Maybe a sponsored run, cycle or sponsored silence? How about a cake sale or car boot sale? Whatever you have in mind, then please get in touch.